Customer Feedback

A collection of reviews from our customers.


This is Rox
He’s doing great, really great. He’s actually in training to be a service dog, he is doing so so well with it. I think he was born to do it. The trainer I work with says he’s one of the best she’s seen!



My daughter renamed Simba to Bentley but we call him Big Ben because of his big paws. He is a superstar and just a wonderful puppy. He is so much better than we could have ever imagined. Our daughter is over the moon.

Michelle Chapman

My Love

This is my little Ava, aka: Cuddles. My kids surprised me with this little puppy & she’s brought so much joy into my life. My little Ava is such a sweet & playful puppy ~ i love her so much! Thank you Shady Pines Family Puppies!!


SOOO In Love!

Tucker aka Lane is doing GREAT! He is so sweet and super smart! Perfect check at the vets 14 lbs! We love him so much!!



We love Dexter so much. Here’s a photo.



She loves playing with lots of toys!  She always has at least 15 out all over the house!  She loves to play tug and fetch!  She wrestles with the boys and snuggles with them.  She listens well and trained easily to go outside to potty, sitting, give paw and lay.  She plays well  and gently with Zoey!  She has lots of energy and we are looking forward to better weather to play more outside!  Thanks for checking in!  Hope you and your family are doing well!

Ken & Kristen

Amazing Family Breeder

We purchased our pup from Chester and his family in October and she is an absolute joy! Chester was amazing to work with, we are located in FL so he helped us with transportation and answered my 1000000 questions. We are so happy we found them and you will be too. I was not able to see the farm, but a close family friend was able to look at it and meet with him before the puppy was purchased! Would recommend it anyone I know!

Tammi Jordan

Bella Rose

This is a picture of the night I brought her home. My husband just adores her. She has turned into quite the spoiled little pup, my husband even bought her a little kids pool to play in.


We love her!

We got our puppy, Winnie, in August and absolutely love her! She is very sweet and has a fiery personality. Overall, a lovely place and experience.

Anne Shubak


What an amazing dog!


Banner boy

Banner has been the best dog we’ve ever had! He has the greatest personality that is so loving. He adores his humans more than anything and has a main goal to please them. We love him!

Gretchen Deel